What Should You Do When You Face Criminal Charges?What Should You Do When You Face Criminal Charges?

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What Should You Do When You Face Criminal Charges?

I do my best to stay out trouble with the law. I avoid conflicts and try to help others do so as well. But a few years ago, trouble found me. My ex was quite angry with me after our breakup. Instead of moving on and finding someone else, my ex decided to frame me for something I didn't do. My ex called the authorities and filed abuse charges against me. I explained the situation to the police but they arrested me anyway. I later found out through my criminal attorney that this was illegal. It was my ex's word against mine at the time and I shouldn't have been arrested that day. After spending months clearing my name, I decided to help other victims of unfair crimes. If you need information on criminal law, read my blog. You don't have to fight injustice alone. Good luck.



The Complete Criminal Trial Process – Step By Step

If you are arrested and accused of a crime, you have a right to due process. This phrase means that the state must follow a certain process to provide you with a fair trial. Everyone charged with a crime has the right to a trial. Read on for a summary of the trial process – step by step. The Jury is Chosen Potential jurors are called to appear and they are chosen using what is known as voir dire (to tell the truth). Read More 

Private Confessions: Understand What Attorney-Client Privilege Means

When a perfect storm of bad situations puts you on the other side of the law, you may be desperate for help. Family members can only provide so much comfort and then you will need some professional legal support. Since some charges can mean serious penalties and a loss of freedom, a criminal law attorney is well worth your time and money. One important benefit of having legal representation is the attorney-client privilege, so read on and find out how this important provision helps your attorney be such a great advocate. Read More 

Four Signs That A Workers’ Comp Insurer Isn’t Playing Or Paying Fairly

Could a corrupt, lazy, or just plain inefficient workers' compensation insurer leave you worse off than you would be if you had regular medical care and didn't have to fight for approval every single step of the way? That's what several former Maryland firefighters and retired police officers believe has happened to them, and they allege that the motive was one of the most basic of all: greed. How do you tell if your workers' compensation insurance company is playing fairly with you or just flat-out playing a game with your life? Read More 

Why A Breathalyzer May Give A False Positive Reading

Do you know that breathalyzers can give false positives and lead you to a wrongful conviction? In late 2015, a New York woman got her DUI charges dismissed by proving that her body manufactures alcohol. While gut-fermentation syndrome (the health condition that causes the body to manufacture alcohol) is extremely rare, other common factors can lead to a false positive on the breathalyzer. Here are three examples: Food and Drinks Read More 

Testifying In Court And Pleading The Fifth In Your Criminal Case: 2 Major Topics To Understand

If you were charged with a crime and are preparing for your trial, your criminal law attorney will talk to you about many things. Two of these things will be whether or not you should testify in the case, and if so, how you can use the Fifth Amendment in court to protect yourself. These are two big issues you should thoroughly discuss with your lawyer so you can determine what you should do for your upcoming criminal trial. Read More